LCMDF - Fooled

Wow. Its been two years since LCMDF gave us a lick tip of their attitude - in the form of their brilliant and iconic #haters which of course was the theme for that years Helsinki Pride. They're back and with an amazing thriller single - Fooled. It's been too long! Don't leave it that long Emma+Mia again! Pop missed you!!! Fooled is a chunky, bouncy, cocky synth 80's rebellious pop song. If you like Sophia Somajo and Rebecca & Fiona you'll love Fooled. LCMDF thank you so much for returning!

Michael Cragg at GuardianMusic hits the nail on the head when he describes LCMDF purveyors of excellent big pop music that 'could bring about a mild panic attack in a more unsuspecting listener.' Which is one of the reasons why I've always love them and Fooled refuses to let the ball drop - they spin their distinctive disruptive electro beats all over the place, decorate the chorus with trippy messy chaotic boom-claps that wrap around sonic explosive rhythms that recall the very best moments of J-pop. Every beat feels like a mini-fizzle explosion in the ears and I love love love every single moment of it!  Kiitos Paljon

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