ABI TUCKER EveryBody(Idiot Free)

Bonus! OutSide These Walls-Demo

& now for something slightly different but ever so OzPop! Sounding like a cross between Kylie during her Impossible Princess escapades & Milla Jovovichs' sadly unitary album, Abi Tuckers material remains on the knife edge slice of the poptastic cake.

Some might remember Abi Tucker from her acting roles in shows such as Heartbreak High & The Secret Life Of Us. Note the very important product placement in Abi's bag!?

I personally remember getting my best mates much older sister to take me to a little showcase Abi was doing somewhere West London for BIG magazine which, if Smash Hits was the Kylie&Jason, was the Dannii Minogue of teenage pop publishing when I was growing up. She was grand but I was more impressed with the free pencil case BIG officials were giving out after the songs were performed.

This is not pure pop such as the divas we've had below however Abi's vocals convolves in between pop, tears and sillyness. In Outside These Walls she stipulates that she feels naked like a candle. Which is similar to Natalie Imbruglia when she was naked on the floor. Brilliant eh!


benindy from France said...

I'm a big Abi fan, & I have her album dreamworld : it's a fabulous one

love abi !

Robpop said...

I had no idea she was big in Europe!

benindy from France said...

she s not big in europe - i would even say "unknown"...she has to release something there !

Me said...

I love the song EVERYBODY!!!


Nick B said...

I am just glad someone else used to read BIG! - their posters were great!! Oh and Look In! too gave away sound free gifts!!