TONI PEAREN Walkaway Lover

Sounding like the future of Eurovision, Toni Pearen's Walkaway Lover is a lost gem! Who is Toni I hear you ask! Another Australian pop princess that became a household name in 1989 when she landed the role of Toni Winsdor on the Australian soap opera E Street. Along with Melissa Tkautz, Toni was the future of Ozpop and they became the starlets of the Australian showbiz media.

In 1992/93, scoring 2 consecutive top 10 Gold hits in Australia with "In Your Room" (#10 in January 1993) and "I Want You" (#10 in April 1993). This was followed by two less successful singles "Walkaway Lover" and "Joy" in 1994. Her 1994 album "Intimate" was well received by critics but sold poorly.

Some might know her as Beth from Home & Away but these days she's earning her Gucci handbag money on Australias Funniest Home Videos. Sadly the music world has lost her to grannys slipping over and wedding dresses catching fire. A great great great loss! We love ya Toni!!!!


Patrick said...

Oh my god! You guys have got me hooked on Aussie Pop! I have never heard of these bands in my life. I was dancing all around the room. Thanks so much for posting this great music! My name is Patrick and I live in Tennessee!

Paul said...

Walkaway Lover was on Sonia's second album too, as a Motown-style stomper. This version's hilarious, with its When I'm Good And Ready-style bleepy bits.

Toni is cool! said...

Yay i just saw Toni on Monday hosting Australia's Funniest Videos!!!

Thanks so much for these old aussie classic pop tracks!!!!!!

handbag knockoff said...

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Anonymous said...

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