Utopia-Sounds like what pop in 2007 should sound like.

V.I.P-The male PAY-TV? Petros channels his GLAM-Bitch side and produces a poptrash classic.

Petros is hot. Deeply connected to trashy electo and pure pop, his music flies far above much of the usual stuff that drenches myspace these days. If you felt Fisherpooner were too up themselves but loved the mix they did of Come Into My World you'll like Petros. The key-note track V.I.P collapses the sound The Flirts and Pay-TV into one monster pop song. We ain't taking about the singer-songwriter territory of Mika or James Blunt as Petros declares "we don't need your rock & roll" but instead "sex, drugs, techno". Fuck yes! A popboy that is finally ticking all my boxes.

Petros has eyed-up the best of scandipop and the long-lost dance-pop scene of America and produced something quite unique. Brilliant, quirky and timeless poptastic anthems. Another American lad tried to this last year and his name was one Simon Curtis. However Petros chews up Simon and spits him out. Indeed, the best Simon Curtis song Put Your Make Up On sounds very much like the average Petros productions. Petros lyrics arn't rushed yet spew out thick and fast, the music takes centre stage and the produced is overflowing with utter-catchiness. The line "the heir to the throne of the microphone" makes me giggle like a giggle-monster riding the giggle-ride at Giggleand. It seems Simon has a rival who has raised the bar, the glam and the music which means a competition might be on! (A bit of competition is always good in my books!)

So where to place Petros musically? I've already mentioned Fisherspooner but he's more catchy than that. I've mentioned Simon Curtis but to me his vocals seem more balanced and less falsetto. Personally I feel he's releasing music that J.C Chasez would cream his pants for. Theres also a little bit of Darren Hayes inside Petros.

Remember the Britney songs Breathe On Me and Before The Goodbye? Although they were criminally overlooked by Jive Records Petros recognises the Spears gems in his stunning song Utopia. This pop music but not as we know it people! Just as you think Utopia is a typical soft-core electro ballad Petros throws in heavy slabs of dancepop of the type I haven't heard since er like Evah!

Petros: a star thats well worth watching. Ladies, gentlemen, girls, boys, queers and dogs, this is pop but not as we know it!

Credit: huge thank you Petros for getting in touch and sending the album! Much appreciated!

Petros Myspace


Anonymous said...

Petros might be hotter but I think UK boy viKtor does this sort of music better...

PinkieDust said...

I fucking love Utopia.

Mandy said...

I've never seen someone as waxed as he. haha ;-)

Anonymous said...

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