No Angels-A Reason
Dana Glover-A Reason

A few months ago DSTP covered one of my favourite acts Dana Glover. In a few days No Angels will be given the title DontStopthePop Girlband Legends. Now, out of nowhere the girlband from Germany has regrouped and released their studio album Destiny today! It features a number of brilliant pop songs including covers of Agnes Carlsson and L5 gems!

What is even more jaw-dropping is the fact that the girlband has covered the song "A Reason" which was originally available on the Dana Glover totally underrated debut album "Testimony". If you have no idea who the hell the singer is just check this link to recall our feature...this is what we said-

"Today's act is one of those artists that makes you weep a thousands tears, move mountains, sends your nervous system into shock and taps into anger ever so deep when you find out she's without representation. Her name is Dana Glover and she's my all time favourite act. I feel quite strange sharing her with others as her music is so special to me but shes the reason why I started this blog so here goes..."

In a very "PopEatsPop"-esq way I have included both versions of the songs. All I can say is this-DANA GLOVER FUCKING ROCKS!!! And it would be a girlband legend like No Angels that recognised Dana's brilliance.

No Angels-Make A Change
L5-Reste Encore

Extending the PopEatsPop madness I have also included the L5 original version of the No Angels track "Make A Change". I've always loved the original by the French girlband, who like No Angels were a produce of the TV series Popstars, but the German foursome make the song just a little bit better. The same can't be said for their cover of "A Reason" but they have a try. When the original is by Dana Glover your setting yourself a huge mountain to climb. A mountain of absolute perfection.....

Buy Dana Glover at Amazon and check out her Myspace
Buy L5 at Fnac
Buy No Angels at Amazon.

**Does a little dance of joy around the bedroom! I love Girlbands! I love Dana Glover!**

P.S-Don't you think Dana Glover gives us another album?

P.P.S-Don't you think PopEatsPop should come back?

Credits: Amazon Germany for sending the No Angels to my door on the day of release and Pinkie for the pic.


Trash Addict said...

No Angels have absolutely destroyed "A Reason". I'd also take L5's far superior version of "Make A Change". Is the whole album that bad? How disappointing.

Paul said...

this is the first album i've got of No Angels. However i haven't listened to it yet. But i do think popeatspop should come back...

PinkieDust said...

Awwwww, Robpop! Thanks. The PopEatspop will never come back on the blog. But perhaps in some way or another on YouCallThatLife.

Thanks paul...RAR!

PinkieDust said...

Maybe is also a cover btw ;-)

Covers on destiny-

I Believe In You
I Had a Feeling
A Reason
Been Here Before
Make A Change

That's nearly as a bad as Roni!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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