Salem Al Fakir-finally landing in the UK from Arlanda

Salem Al Fakir is an amazing artist. He is incredibly talented & a tad cute too. His inflections, couplets and brilliant melodies make his material nothing but pure joy. Piano is his key instrument but can also play the violin, bass, drums, guitar and xylophone. A bit of a genius then. Heavily influenced by the 1970's and 1970's, you can hear traces of Stevie Wonder, Burt Bacharach, Jackson Five, Frank Zappa and even Al Green in his music. All of which makes for a rather happy experience. Take for example the song Good Song (see here). The video mirrors The Temptations and the chirpiness of the track denies any possibility that one could refrain from not smiling. In the past, he has worked with Robyn but you can't really hear that in his very original music. With material like Its True, Its Only You Part II and This Is Who I am, Salem is definitely another act to watch out for next year.

Indeed, next year he will be putting out his follow-up to the lush "This Is Who I Am" LP which you can buy through Cdon here. So far on this side of the Norwegian Sea, he is releasing an E.P through Parlophone and this contains the glorious It's Only You Part II. This should be a teaser of things to come. Mixing in subtle electro snowflakes with easy synth melodies, Its Only You is pretty much embodies warmth. Both the first album and the E.P are highly recommended.

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Poster Girl said...

I've been in love with "It's Only You Part II" since Europe Crazy posted about it--it really is a great song, one deserving of more attention, for sure. It's good to see it featured here :)

EuropeCrazy said...

Yes - Salem is utterly fantastic!!

I've been raving on about Salem's music on my blog since July 2007, so much that I even created a separate blog/fansite for him - it's called Planet Salem and you can find it at (if I can give it a quick plug), and it even got a mention on Salem's own MySpace too!

"It's Only You Part II" is just amazing - thanks for featuring it on your fab blog :)

Anonymous said...

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