A few months ago DontStopthePop featured a little paragraph about this lad called Sam Taylor. He is currently working with Steve Anderson (actually it was through this blog's recent interview with said producer where the tip originated from). Slowly and eventually, his music has appeared primarily on the soundtrack for the adored BBC2 T.V series Beautiful People, sandwiched in-between a glorious remix of Spice Up Your Life, covers of Jolene, Pet Shop Boys and that duet between Kylie and Dannii. The beautiful songs Run Away and Sometimes I Need You are stunning collaborations with those maestros of pop, Terry Ronald and Ian Masterson. I am particularly fond of the uplifting Sometimes I Need You, which is as lovely as the title suggests. I think it's the subtle strings on the song towards the end that make it so special, and yes, rather cute. I think there's even a sample in there. Or something very close to a sample. Perhaps it's just me. I can hear it at the end. Des'ree's Kissing You (from Baz Luhrmann's amazing Romeo & Juliet 1996 film).

Sam is currently recording his debut album and I think it will be certainly one to look out for in early 2009. Although the first two songs we've heard from the project lean towards the subtle/slow side, I've got a feeling there will be an upbeat/pop side to the album. It's just a hunch though for now. A hunch based solely on pretty much nothing. On a side note, if you were watching Children In Need (see here) the other night you might have caught Sam supporting Leon Jackson on the vocals for his new single Creative.

There is a tremendous amount of soul and ambiance in his voice, which kinda sets him apart from a number of other male singers out at the moment. In fact, his vocal delivery reminds me of the criminally underrated yet legendary singer Shaun Escoffery (check out his brilliant Days Like This and Into the Blue). (Me starts to imagine a Sam Taylor-Escoffery collaboration – it would be amazing!). I can't wait to hear more from Sam...bring on the album I say!

Critical links

Run Away (Youtube Link)
Sam Taylor Myspace
Official Site
Photos from Myspace


Paul said...

yay. heart sam. diverting to leon momentarily, i love Creative but he looked so awkward and lost performing on Children In Need like he didn't quite know what to do with himself...

MCEyedol said...

I was wondering who was this stunning vocalist! To me his vocal reminds me strongly of the late Billy McKenzie (from The Associates), who in my opinion was a greatly understated artists here in the UK. Thanks for introducing me to him. xx

Anonymous said...

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